The Lodge of the Morning Star No.5428

Our History

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Our History – The founding of The Lodge of the Morning Star 

The Lodge of the Morning Star, No. 5428 is the daughter lodge of Aurora Lodge, No. 4047

A meeting of Past Masters of Aurora Lodge was held at the Conservative Club, South Parade, Leeds, on Tuesday March 21st, 1933. It was called by W. Bro. Sydney Webster, the Worshipful Master of Aurora Lodge, No. 4047, who kindly provided tea, and was attended by 14 Past Masters.

The same evening, March 21st, at the instruction meeting of Aurora Lodge, by kind permission of the Worshipful Master, W.Bro.Croysdale gave the brethren an account of the proceedings and explained that the new Lodge was suggested for the benefit of those brethren of Aurora who were suffering from the large numbers waiting for advancement and that no Lodge would be formed without the wholehearted support and good wishes of the Mother Lodge.  It was obvious that the brethren present recognised the necessity of the step and that the good wishes desired would be abundantly bestowed.

On March 23rd,. W.Bro.Hainsworth visited W.Bro.José Rickard, whose blessing on the new undertaking it was felt by the four founder Past Masters. was essential, and cordially invited him to tea at the Conservative Club on the following afternoon.  W.Bro.Rickard owing to moderate health felt doubtful of accepting, but showed a lively interest and gave useful advice and counsel.

The following day, March 24th, on calling on, W.Bro.Rickard at "Templestowe," Roundhay, W.Bro.Croysdale found him unable to accept the invitation, but whatever his physical indisposition, which was slight and only to be expected of 86 years, it was obvious that his mind had been actively engaged with the new Lodge, and he entertained his visitor for an hour giving him the benefit of his ripe experience and counsel.

The first meeting of the founders was held on May 4th, 1933 and one of the principal items discussed was a suitable name for the new Lodge.  Much thought was given to this, but none was forthcoming, until one evening W. Bro. James Croysdale was raising a brother to the degree of a Master Mason in the Mother Lodge.  When he came to that portion of the ceremony which refers to the Bright Morning Star "whose rising proclaims Peace and Salvation to the Faithful and Obedient", it flashed upon him; there is the name for the new Lodge, "The Morning Star".

When the Mother Lodge was formed, just after the close of the First World War, nations were anticipating the dawn of a new era, and this led the founders of that Lodge to choose "Aurora," Goddess of the Dawn, as a name for their Lodge.

In 1933 the peoples of the world were still seeking Peace and Salvation, and the founders seeking a suitable name unanimously agreed to call the new Lodge "The Lodge of the Morning Star."

The name of our Mother Lodge being "Aurora," "the Dawn," what could be more fitting than her daughter lodge should be called "The Lodge of the Morning Star".

A comparison of our Crests will show that ours, though rather more formal, comprises the main features of the Aurora Crest, namely the rising sun with the three Great Lights, with the Star superimposed thereon.  It was designed on the founders' suggestions by W.Bro.W.E.Kenyon of Philanthropic Lodge.

The Lodge is often referred to by members of other Lodges as "Morning Star Lodge."  The brethren are justifiably proud and jealous of the name of their Lodge, and this opportunely is taken to stress that the correct name is "The Lodge of the Morning Star".

It is interesting to note here what the late W.Bro.W.L.Wilmshurst, author of "The Meaning of Freemasonry," etc, has to say about the "Morning Star".  Amongst its records the Lodge possesses a document, in the hand-writing of W. Bro. Wilmshurst, which reads as follows:

"The Morning Star" has no allusion to any of the stars of the sky.  It is purely a technical and mystical term for any angelic or human spirit emanating from God and in a state of innocence and purity prior to its descent into matter, body and personality.

In the dawn of creation and prior to their disunion and fall into multiplicity, 'all the morning stars sang together' (Job 38/7) in collectiveness.

'Morning' in Scripture = a state of supreme light and spirituality, 'Evening' = the reverse.

Lucifer is called 'Son of the Morning' (Isaiah 14/12)

Our Lord says of Himself 'I am the bright morning Star' (Rev. 22/16).

Each of us has his own individual 'morning star' or 'star of the East,' over-loving us as a metaphysical entity, but shut off from our personal brain consciousness until we become sufficiently purified and perfect for the two to be brought into conscious union.  To effect this union is the great end of Initiation, hence the Craft reference to 'lift our eyes to that bright morning star whose rising (into the brain consciousness) bring peace and salvation.'  Hence also 'To him that overcometh (himself) I will give the morning star' (Rev.2/28).

'One star differeth from another in glory' i.e. in its qualities and attributes; for there are seven vast groups of them with different functions and properties; which is ‘the mystery of the 7 stars which thou sawest in thy right hand’ (Rev. 1/20).

But this mystical star-love is interminable.


The warrant of constitution of the Lodge was issued by Grand Lodge on August 2nd, 1933, and it was hoped that the ceremony of consecration of the Lodge would be performed by R.W.Bro.The Earl of Harewood, KG, PGW, Provincial Grand Master of Yorkshire (West Riding) on Monday, 13 November, 1933, but he was unable to be present owing to the sudden illness of Her Royal Highness, the Princess Royal.

In his absence the consecration of the Lodge was performed by W.Bro.John Stokes, PGD, Deputy Provincial Grand Master.


Our history – Jose Rickard

Jose Rickard was born in 1847 in St Gluvias Near Penryn Cornwall

Jose was Baptised at St Gluvias Church on 8th December 1848

He attended Penryn Wesleyan School

His Parents were Thomas Rickard (1795 to 1876) and Ann Cock (1802 to 1880)

In 1871 Jose was at Teacher Training at Westminster Training College.

He lived with Mr and Mrs Clayson as a Lodger at his first teaching post in Deal.

In 1872 Jose Married Sarah Jane Eames at Eastry in Kent Where both were teachers.

In 1873 their first child Maud Christine Rickard was born at Eastry in Kent.

They Moved to Leeds and Lived at 1 Bell Vue House Wood Lane Bramley.

In 1874 He was appointed Head of Burley Road School

In 1877 he was appointed Head of Park Lane School a role he held until his retirement in 1912.

Their second child Jose Charles Rickard was born in Leeds in 1878.

Jose Rickard Was Initiated in to Philanthropic Lodge No 304 in Leeds on 28th January 1880 Passed to the Second Degree on 25th February 1880 and Raised to the Third Degree on 31st March 1880.

Jose was Master of Philanthropic Lodge in 1888

Jose was a Founding Member and First Master of Coronation Lodge No 2922 on 24th October 1902.

By 1911 Jose had moved to Roundhay and Lived at Templestowe

On 4th August 1912 his wife Sarah Died aged 64 years.

On 10th September 1916 His Son Jose Charles Died aged 38 years.

Jose was a founding Member and first Master of Aurora Lodge No 4047 on 24th March 1920at the age of 73 years

Jose was consulted about the Formation of the Lodge of the Morning Star in 1933 and gave the Project his support and blessing James Croysdale (pictured above) being a Founder and first Master.

In 1940 It was noted in the Philanthropic Minute Book That Jose Celebrated 60 years as a Mason the following words were recorded.

“During his many years of active service to our lodge his concern for the Dignity of the ceremonies, His Impressive rendering of the beautiful ritual and the high tone maintained, not only in lodge but also in the proceedings after the lodge has been largely responsible for the high position this lodge holds not only amongst Leeds Lodges but in the Province of Yorkshire West Riding”

Jose Died on 8th July 1941 and was buried at Roundhay St John on the 11th July 1941. Jose Died leaving an estate of £9334 17s 6d. The Sale of the House was handled by Arthur Hainsworth and his Legal Affairs by James Croysdale. All four Members of his family are buried at St Johns Church Roundhay.

Some time after Jose Rickards death and to honour their Founder and First Master, Coronation Lodge No 2922, adopted his name for The Jose Rickard Fund as Their Charitable Fund.

Having Joined The Lodge of the Morning Star No 5428 in January 2014 as due to falling membership, Coronation handed in their Warrant.

In 2017 and to perpetuate Jose Rickard's memory, The Lodge of the Morning Star Charity Fund was merged in to the Jose Rickard Fund.

A fitting reminder to us all of a fine Man and Mason.

Our history - Corona Chapter in the Order of Royal Arch Masonry

Corona Chapter 2922 was consecrated in 1943. This is the Chapter we are linked to as was Coronation and as is Aurora


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