The Lodge of the Morning Star No.5428



Our Worshipful Master welcomes you to our  website.

Here we hope to keep our members and visitors up to date with our Masonic and social activities.

We also hope that it will give non-members an opportunity to see what we are doing in the local community and provide them with further information should they wish to join our Fraternity.

Freemasonry is the UK's largest, fraternal, and charitable organisation.  It teaches moral lessons and self-knowledge through participation in allegorical plays, which are performed within each lodge.

Freemasonry provides members with a code of conduct - an important ideal in today’s changing world - which is based on moral and ethical standards. More than anything else becoming a Freemason provides men with the opportunity to meet and develop friendships with like-minded men and share ideals and objectives

The next page contains testimonials and quotes from the members of our Lodge.

Please look at our News and Events pages for the very latest information on The Lodge of The Morning Star, you will see that we are one of very few Lodges that meet on a Friday evening, if you are visiting Leeds on a Friday and wish to meet us, then please use the "Contact Us or Wanting to Visit" page. 

Please use the Contact Form for any type of enquiry, it is monitored and we will respond.


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